The Prophet; The Lord of Light; The Healing Teacher; Patient Brother


General Notes

  • Symbol called “Sunburst of Morrow” or “The Radiance”
  • Seat of authority is called the Sancteum, located in Caspia
  • Influence four of the five human kingdoms (Protectorate being the odd man out)
  • Domains: good, healing, knowledge, protection, strength, travel, war

Church Structure

  1. Priest: Ordained priests
  2. Chaplain: Experienced Priest (honorific); Battle-Chaplain for those with military service
  3. Rector: Generally the senior priest of a church
  4. Prelate: Appointed by High Prelate or above
  5. High Prelate: More skilled than Prelate, appointed by Vicar or above
  6. Vicar: Those that have undergone the Trial of Humility and been appointed but the Exordeum
  7. Exarch: Those who have undergone the Trial of Service and been appointed by the Primarch (36 total)
  8. Primarch: Has undergone the Trial of Spirit and been appointed by Morrow (singular title)


  • Angelia(f): History, lore, and knowledge/Knowledge
  • Corben(m): Alchemy, astronomy, wizardry/Magic
  • Doleth(m): Sailors, fishermen/Water
  • Ellena(f): Travelers, adventurers/Travel
  • Gordenn(m): Farmers, Family/Plant
  • Katrena(m): Valor, knighthood/Good
  • Markus(m): Soldiers, town guard/War
  • Rowan(f): Poverty, the downtrodden/Protectioin
  • Sambert(m): Smiths, stonemasons, carpenters/Strength
  • Shevan(f): Merchants, bankers/Luck
  • Solovin(m): Healers, battle-chaplains, midwives/Healing


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